Sunday, May 26, 2019

John Williams - Hymn for the Fallen

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day for reflection on those who gave everything they hd and everything they would ever be for something larger than them.  That something is us, and the world is filled with the graves of the fallen, and will likely see new ones until the World is remade.

This weekend, we are called to reflect on these men.  Art, at its best is there to help lead the way.  Classical music used to offer many selections for solemn days like this.  Fortunately, Classical music has found a niche where it yet thrives, with talented composers writing new music for the cinema.  Perhaps the greatest of these in our age is John Williams.  He wrote this for the film Saving Private Ryan, where it played during the final credits.  This is a tour of those graves.  Sadly, many Americans have not been to any of these places.

Today and tomorrow think on those that went into that maelstrom of fire and blood.  


libertyman said...

John Williams is an amazing talent. He captures the essence of the day in his music.

Every American should visit those sites at some point in their travels. The American Cemetery in Normandy is an emotional event.
Good post.

Borepatch said...

Libertyman, amen. That cemetery at Omaha Beach is something to see.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

A debt that we can never repay. Bless every one of them.