Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Back now

The Queen Of The World and I are back from seeing Mom for her birthday.  Her memory is pretty much gone, as the dementia takes its toll, but the QOTW has a particular way of holding conversations with her that Mom really likes.  A lot of what Mom says doesn't make much sense, but the QOTW keeps the conversation going.  I don't think that anyone else does that, and Mom really likes her for it.

After taking care of Mom's affairs, we took some time to do a little sight seeing.  Albuquerque is a dramatic location, and we hiked out to see the petroglyphs.  Climbing up from Boca Negra we saw this:

We went to Santa Fe to put flowers on Dad's grave.  The VA cemetery there is beautiful, and Dad liked to say that he would have a million dollar view.  He does.

But it was a pretty emotionally draining trip.  I get the sense that my visits to Albuquerque will wind down over the next couple years: Mom is declining, and while still in good health for a 90 year old, the end will be delayed but not forever.  There's still more to show the QOTW, though.  Maybe I can get her out to the Balloon Festival which is a sight to see.

Blogging will get back to a more regular schedule now.


libertyman said...

Welcome back, and I am sorry to learn of your Mom's situation. A tough time for any child to endure.
Best wishes to you and all your family.

Glen Filthie said...

I'm married to a woman much like yours. She knows instinctively how to be around seriously sick people and cheer them up. It's a gift I never got.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I was blessed with the caretaker skills I don't know why but I don't question it although had to use to much on immediate family. I have a 92 year old M-I-L I would not trade for the world. Lost her husband of 71 years wedded bliss a year ago and I think the same of him. May God bless your mother, you, the QOTW and all your family in the days to come. Peace be upon your hearts and minds.