Sunday, August 12, 2018

Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber - Sonata IV in C Major for Trumpet and Strings

Today is the birthday of Franz Biber, one of the greatest composers for violin.  His reputation in the 17th Century was unsurpassed, as he not only was a virtuoso performer (playing for the Emperor Leopold among others) but as a composer and publisher.  He was noted for his technique on the violin, opening the door to a new approach that allowed baroque violinists to reach new heights.

Much of his music was sacred, written in his post as Kapelmeister of Salzburg Cathedral.  This means that the style is somewhat out of place for today's ear (well, not mine so much, but you know how strange I am).  Today's selection includes baroque trumpet which shows a range of his music that you don't often hear.

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libertyman said...

I had not seen or heard of the Baroque trumpet - very impressive performance. No valves, just holes! Very interesting post as the trumpet has evolved as the other instruments as well.

By the way, just back from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and as always, a wonderful experience. Bring the Queen of the World up here to see!