Thursday, January 25, 2018

Senator to FBI Honcho: What the hell do you know about encryption

A little while back, head FBI G-Man Christopher Wray proposed mandatory law enforcement back doors to encryption products, "for teh childrenz".  Now Senator Ron Wyden has sent him a letter saying that he's heard from many security experts saying that Wray doesn't know what he's talking about and that such a backdoor would have a "catastrophic" impact on security.

But he doesn't stop there:
The Democratic senator also demanded that Wray release a list of the cryptographers he’d met with to form his opinions on encryption, specifically identifying which experts advised backdooring encryption:
I would like to learn more about how you arrived at and justify this ill-informed policy proposal. Please provide me with a list of the cryptographers with whom you’ve personally discussed this topic since our July 2017 meeting and specifically identify those experts who advised you that companies can feasibly design government access features into their products without weakening cybersecurity. Please provide this information by February 23, 2018.
We’re guessing it’s a short list.

It's nice to see pushback from the Senate, but this isn't just an FBI thing.  It is an astonishingly bad idea.

And we're tired of being accused of being child pornographers because we don't want the Federales mandating broken encryption.

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