Monday, January 8, 2018

Global Warming causes snow in the Sahara desert

Let's see: record cold over most of North America, and snow in the Sahara desert.  It must all be Global Warming in action:
The snowfall was caused by the large cutoff upper low over western Mediterranean, which also influenced northern Algeria. The snow was visible also in satellite imagery, standing out in the orange desert surface.

At this point, let's all just agree that this debate is not about science, it's about religion.  If there is no scientific evidence that can be presented to falsify the hypothesis, you sure aren't talking about science.


Old NFO said...

That it is... And I wonder what the camels thought... :-D

lee n. field said...

"it's about religion."

Climate change hysteria has sin, a means of atonement, and an eschatology. And I have heard, with my own ears, skeptics of climate change hysteria referred to as "unbelievers".

Ted said...

Without a suitable control it is impossible to test the hypothesis or replicate the results. ...... and “models” don’t count as proof of anything.