Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NFL Ratings just dropped

Again.  Trump called out standing for the national anthem in the State Of The Union message.

Gauntlet, thrown.  If the NFL has any brains, they'll make the players put this behind them (or sit on the bench).  If the NFL has more guts then brains, they'll double down on "take a knee".

Me, I think the NFL is all in on a losing strategy.

UPDATE: 30 January 2018 22:56: Wow, Trump hammered the Democrats.  Err, and the NFL.  He did it by being reasonable, and staking out reasonable positions (meaning positions that a big part of the country will think is reasonable) and daring his opponents to take a different position.

And they did. Time after time the Democrats refused to applaud a perfectly reasonable proposal, just because it was Trump that made it.  Guaranteed that the cameras were running, and their refusal will appear in a political ad later this year.
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
- Sun Tzu
He knows them, and how they think, and how they will respond.  They don't get him at all.  Sun Tzu predicted how this will play out 2500  years ago.

And even worse, he had a bunch of times that he got half the Democrats to stand and applaud while the other half sat stone faced and didn't.  It looks like he's split the Democratic Party.  It seems that they don't even know themselves.  This is fixin' to maybe a route in the upcoming election, in a way that nobody is calling.  Maybe not, but tonight we saw a path to that.

Wow.  He planned this, and it played out like he planned it.  I'm struggling to remember a time that a different politician did something like this, live on TV.  It's like listening to a Bach concerto or looking at a Michelangelo sculpture - you know lots of other people did it too, but you realize that nobody did it better.  Or as well.

More thoughts tomorrow, but Democrat politicians should be very, very unhappy tonight.


Mad Jack said...

Read President Trump's biography, even a summary. I'm betting the moonbats refuse to acknowledge the President even has a biography. Want more? Take a hard look at the First Lady. Herself speaks five languages, is drop dead gorgeous, and has a very fine sense of aesthetics. You don't get a woman like that to marry you just by being rich; she can have more rich men than any moonbat can count without taking of his shes and mine. Nope, you want a woman like that, you've gotta be all that and a fifth of top shelf bourbon.

The moonbats behaved like asses. Some are ignorant, others are stupid and ignorant, and still others are just plain mean spirited. We don't people like that in our government, but they won the popularity contest. President Trump played them like Zappa throwing out notes from a Fender Strat.

Eric Wilner said...

Considering all the years Trump spent as a Democrat, living among Democrats, it should come as no surprise that he knows them.
Not that many years ago, his positions would have been perfectly normal for a populist Democrat - but now the populists have been all but banished from the Party, while Progressives have appropriated the term "populist" without any comprehension of populism nor of the issues of the (ugh) commoners who live outside their bubble.

For Trump's next trick... maybe he'll meet with the "Russia probe" witch-smellers. On his own turf. And not forgetting that he's their boss. He said something about "under oath", yes, but did he specify who would be under oath...?

Old NFO said...

Yep, stuck it in, broke it off, and waved the stump over his head! Dem leadership (such as it is) doesn't know whether to s**t or go blind... LOL

Rick C said...

"And even worse, he had a bunch of times that he got half the Democrats to stand and applaud while the other half sat stone faced and didn't. "

Twitter is having a field day showing a clip of Joe Manchin starting to stand and applause, and then sitting back down and stopping the clapping when he sees his party sitting there.

Brave, brave Sir Joe, bravely running away. I used to think he might switch parties, but then I remembered in spite of everything he says, he's just another Blue Dog who lies about his policies to get elected and then votes with San Fran Nan.

Anonymous said...

"... struggling to remember a time when a different politician" Well, there it is. Trump is not another politician. He is not a politician at all and that is what people who hate him do not get.

He is a smart man who applies business principles, knows Machiavelli and the principles of the Art of War. He has honed them in the ruthless NYC enclaves facing down unions, politicians, other real estate moguls, etc. to win. Maybe he is not alone in his winning but he is one and he is good at it given his years of experience which puts him in a different league compared to the posers he is matched against in the Swamp. MAGA!