Friday, January 26, 2018

Bachelor night with Wolfgang

The Queen Of The World is visiting one of her daughters and so it's Wolfgang and me turning Castle Borepatch into a wild and crazy bachelor pad.

It's quiet.  Too quiet.

Normally, this place is filled with life, and laughter, and good conversation.  The Queen Of The World is a lot of fun to be around (not to mention pretty as a picture), and so the Castle is filled with casual, unremarked upon good company.  Until now.

Not that Wolfgang isn't good company, just that he's pretty quiet.  That's actually not a bad thing in a dog - he's pretty steady and even keeled.  I also strive for steady and even keeled.

But it sure is quiet.  And so to a musical interlude, dedicated to the Queen Of The World.

Old friend 2cents and I used to go to the local pub* to listen to Schooner Fare, do this, back in the day.  Long time reader and all around good guy libertyman also ran across them, although neither of us knew that we'd meet 30 years later due to the miracle of Al Gore's most excellent Internet Superhighway.

Ah, well, she'll be back on Sunday.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that, and it's quite nice to find that I miss her so.

* Barstan's in Orono, Maine.


Glen Filthie said...

Oh man.

I was four years old when they did that performance. What a flood of memories - GI Joe was almost as big as I was, Major Matt Mason, Johnny West... wow. It's hilarious, the subconscious memories that get dredged up with an old tune. :)

Take the mutt for a long walk, BP. A good Long Range Dawg Patrol will make the time pass faster.

Dan said...

Great song. I should not have listened. I lost my wife last week. At least I can type through the tears...

Borepatch said...

Glen, this is a song for a smoky pub, with lots of beers and sing-a-long with the audience. At lease, when I wore younger man's shoes.

Dan, I am so sorry.