Monday, April 11, 2016

Strangest hotel room I've ever had

The Marriott in Dusseldorf upgraded me to a suite. "Cool," I said to myself. And then found this:

Huh. The rest of the suite is normal (maybe even a little large for a European hotel room). Still, in the hundreds of hotel rooms I've stayed in, I've never had a confrence table and a white board before.

But my suitcase was waiting for me.  Sehr gut!


matism said...

They're trying to make up for your flight accommodations.

Tacitus2 said...

You are moving up in the world it seems. Don't let fame change you.


Sherm said...

Happened to me once in Atlanta. Turned out the only bed in the "suite" was a fold-out couch bed.

Since it was midnight, the last room in the hotel (some people with me did not get a room despite confirmed reservations), and I had to leave to catch a plane five hours later I didn't complain too much.

Hat Trick said...

Had a similar room in STL 20 years ago except it had a Murphy bed.