Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lego wars

Get ready to rumble!
A Lego-mad fisherman spent three years building the world's biggest model of a US warship - only to find an American rival had beaten him by inches. Jim McDonough painstakingly built a 24ft scale model of the 890ft USS Missouri with thousands of toy bricks in Redford, near Arbroath in Angus. When he embarked on the model in his garage three years ago, his research told him it was going to be the biggest Lego ship in the world. 
Here's a picture of Our Hero with his creation:

Alas, it was not to be:
But it seems his effort was in vain - after he was been pipped at the post by Minneapolis-based enthusiast Dan Siskind, whose creation is 25.5ft long.
Mr Siskind used more than one million Lego bricks to recreate the 1:35 scale of the USS Missouri.
Here's the undisputed world champion Lego battleship:

Pretty cool, in a scary sort of way.


Aaron said...

Wow, some people both have a lot of time on their hands and some determination that's for sure.

I think we just found out why there is a shortage of grey Lego bricks.

Ted said...

Looking at the background , they both did the rest of the Battle Group as well.

...... Yes. As I told you. The retirement fund is safely invested in Legos. ....... The stock??? Well no. Not exactly. Just Legos.

Michael said...

Hard to admire their achievements to be honest because it just seems such a huge waste of time and resources, but nevertheless pretty cool looking. I suppose hobbies are just like that ... some people's relaxation is another man's waste of time :)