Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Neighbors get WWII Veteran burial at Arlington

Bravo Zulu:
The 89-year-old pensioner died in December with no will, no instructions and no next of kin. He lay in a cold room at the D.C. medical examiner’s office, where the unclaimed dead are usually destined for a nameless pauper’s grave.
Instead, on Friday, Moore was given a hero’s sendoff at Arlington National Cemetery. A uniformed honor guard escorted Moore’s flag-covered remains. In place of a silent goodbye, a bugler played taps and three volleys of rifle fire marked his passing.
How was a lonely man diverted from the oblivion of a potter’s field for the glory of his country’s most hallowed resting place? It was the work of a family Moore may not have known he had: the residents of State House, a post-WWII apartment building at the edge of Washington’s Embassy Row.
No family, no friends, but neighbors who wouldn't let his body go unclaimed.

Hat tip: Chris Lynch


burt said...

A standing salute to him, and to those who recognized his service.

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Rest In Peace, Soldier!