Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easy with that clutch, Scooter


Will said...

How deep is the water in the middle of that section? What is the bottom material?
I'd be inclined to run a conventional towtruck with hydraulic extending boom with dual winches into the water if it's not more than a couple feet deep. Need to lift the front end to level, and then slide it back.
Not sure there would be enough room under that overhang to get the boom to reach the front wheels. Also, you don't want the car to slide into the truck. Hmm, with a wheel lift, you could control the position of the car by anchoring the rear wheels, and then it wouldn't matter if there was a bit of cable angle to the front wheels when you lift it. Might not need to enter the water after all.

This is the sort of situation that makes driving tow trucks interesting. Every call can be different. That's why body shops and tow yards have a high proportion of ADHD workers. Creative, challenging, and a minimum of rote type positions.

Kevin said...

"Who's the U-Boat commander?"

Best line in Risky Business. I imagine that got used on the whoever put that Porsche in the pond.