Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sunny and in the 70s.  Instead of doing this, I go to Physical Therapy tomorrow.  Oh, foo.

Next time, I shall endeavour to keep the rubber side down ...


Tony Tsquared said...

I had to go to Athens today. I blasted up 316 to make my meeting and it got through at 1:30 (lunch meeting). It took almost 3 hours to get back to Suwanee on the Eglide.

Do what you gotta do to get better. The roads are waiting on you.

Will said...

Perhaps you would be better served to ease back into riding by getting a smaller, lighter bike for temporary use? I had to do that after shattering my wrist, way back in the early 70's. While I was rebuilding my 750 Norton, I puttered around on the beach on a 100 Hodaka, six months after tangling with an alcoholic teenage driver. It was a few months more before my wrist could deal with the bigger bike.

It was frustrating to discover that 1/4 turn throttles don't work well on big street bikes, as that was all the wrist movement I recovered. (and lucky to get any at all)

kx59 said...

I second Will's advice.
just get a fast car instead, with air bags.