Friday, March 27, 2015

Are there more leakers than just Snowden?

For a while, I have believed that there are at least three leakers inside the Five Eyes intelligence community, plus another CIA leaker. What I have called Leaker #2 has previously revealed XKEYSCORE rules. Whether this new disclosure is from Leaker #2 or a new Leaker #5, I have no idea. I hope someone is keeping a list.
This is from Bruce Schneier, a wikkid smaht security guy.  Schneier has been looking at the Intel community for a long time, so this is quite interesting speculation.


Tony Tsquared said...

Multiple leaker's, why does that not surprise me? There is a process to let the higher authorities know of corruption and mis deeds within a government agency. The process is designed to keep retribution from affecting the whistle blowers. The problem is the system is so corrupt that if someone blows the whistle their carrier is over and in some cases they disappear.

We have a very broke system.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

I have always assumed that there were insiders still using Manning, Snowden et al as cover for their actions

Phil said...

BP, if you have never heard of Marcy Wheeler, let me assure that the government has.

She is relentless, is on top of things like what your are asking about above and loves timelines.

Emptywheel travels deep into the weeds digging up shit the government wants to keep hidden.

You might want to head over there and ask her what she thinks about your theory.
She is wicked smart but very personable and will get back to you eventually if you ask the right questions.