Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Link dump

Can you "hunker down" until the police arrive, or outrun an active shooter?  No.

European Union agrees to cut carbon emissions by 40% in 15 years.  Expect more European companies to build factories here in the USA.

UK police overestimate number of firearms lost or stolen:
The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has claimed that more legally owned firearms were lost or stolen over the last few years than appears to be the case, according to an exclusive analysis by The Register.

The discrepancy casts doubt on a new initiative pillorying gun owners for being careless about gun security.
Security is so bad on "keyless entry" automobiles that they are uninsurable in the UK.  Oops.


Hat Trick said...

First link is broken

Jerry The Geek said...

First link ( the word NO ) is still broken. Probably an interesting bit of information, but the article is undermined without it. It would be a courtesy if it was fixed.

Or not. Your choice, depending on how much you choose to communicate.

Anonymous said...

interrestingly enough, the stats for teh numbers of police owned guns that are lost or stolen are likely underestimated.

Borepatch said...

Link fixed. I blame my head injury ... ;-)