Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jumbo shrimp

Military Intelligence. Good Government.

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LSP said...

Everything about that pic seems good to me.

burt said...

Mmmmm.... Cajun style?

Dave H said...

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Even if it ain't crawdads.

juvat said...

Microsoft Works

NotClauswitz said...

Jumbo shrimp is one thing, Super Colossal Coconut Shrimp is another! The Red Stripe shows class.

Rev. Paul said...

+1 juvat!

ASM826 said...

Unsinkable Ship
Paid Volunteer
Containable Virus
Child Proof
Tax Refund

Tony Tsquared said...

Military Intelligence. Ain't no such thing
Good Government. Ditto

Large Shrimp - Prawns
Red Stripe - good near an ocean
Corona - never, ever! Its takes a freaking lime just to make it palatable.

I hope you are having a good time.

burt said...

Heh - here's one for BP:

Internet Security