Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween reminder

No child has ever died from poisoned Halloween candy.


Eagle said...

The kids still walk from door to door in my neighborhood, and I don't remember ANY indoor Halloween parties. Yes, my candy dish (actually a huge steel mixing bowl) is filled and ready for tonight's cavity-seekers.

The only change from years ago is a relatively minor one: Halloween "candy time" is now scheduled and announced in the local paper, usually from 6pm to 8pm. The major improvement is that there are plenty of cops on patrol during those hours and at intersections to stop traffic so kids can cross safely. I'm cool with that.

But you don't see kids soaping windows, toilet-papering trees, or pranking each other any more. I can live without the cleanup...

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe not, but I can remember several cases of adult alcohol intoxication, and what were probably a few related unwanted pregnancies.....not to mention that adults-only apple bobbing thing at Aunt Grace's house one year. I'm still having nightmares.