Friday, January 3, 2014

This guy writes like I do

I ran across a blogger who writes like I do (I didn't think that was even possible).  Here's a taste:
Obama politically resembles Hannibal, Napoleon, and Hitler, in the nature of his coalition. Their coalitions are strong, united in adoration of a strong man, and hatred of their enemy. For Hannibal, the Gauls, Iberian Celts, Numidians, along with Greeks and his own Carthaginians, all hated Rome and wanted it destroyed. But being disparate and squabbling, though united in the hatred, they lacked initiative, resourcefulness, and the ability to above all, find or transport FOOD. Those were the weakness of Napoleon and Hitler, who also desperately needed warm clothing for the brutal Russian Winter, and arms and ammunition, and in Hitler’s case, gas and diesel fuel as well.

The famous line chart showing the temperature and size of Napoleon’s armies as they advanced and retreated from Moscow at the top of this post is telling. All of Napoleon’s skill as a general, and the poor state of Russian military men and generalship, could not fight against Winter.
 I made an explicit comparison between Napoleon and Obama here.  Compare and contrast.

If you like the strange posts you find here, you should wander on over to Whiskey's Place.  You'll like what you find.


Glen Filthie said...

I dunno where to stand on that. I loves me my ancient history and enjoy it when my intellectual superiors use it to school me on modern topics...but...

Comparing Obama to these brilliant warriors and tacticians? He is a borderline homosexual, he can't debate anything without playing the race card, he can't even memorize a speech and is dead in the water if the teleprompter goes down.

I could see comparisons with incompetents like maybe Nero or Chamberlain...but Hannibal? Or Hitler? Despite their obvious flaws those guys were pretty sharp cookies.

Goober said...

Glen nails it, IMHO.

And no, borepatch, that guy doesn't write like you. He falls back on weak sauce BS like racial divides (if you listen to him the only people worth living are white, straight males) which is a silly thing to do. You can drive away allies that way. Black allies. Hispanic allies. Women. People you need on your sid, unless all you really want is a race war.