Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hernri Herz - Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, op.45 - II. La melanconia

Henri Herz was born Heinrich Herz in Vienna on this day in 1803.  Since France was then the cultural center of Europe, he went to the Paris Conservatoire as a boy and remained in Paris the rest of this life (thus "Henri" Herz).

If I were to compare his style to someone better known, I might choose Debussy - these nocturnes have that same lush feel as the later (and more famous) composer.


libertyman said...

Another new one for me, many thanks. Yes, he is reminiscent of Debussy, very nice.

Missed class as I showed up too early this morning.

More research into this Herz fellow commences.

Chickenmom said...

Glad I checked in - just absolutely perfect for this afternoon. Thank you!