Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ammo stats

I've noticed that ammunition is more available than it was a year ago, but this view into the supply chain is from the very tail end of the retail experience.  It's also a qualitative impression, not a data driven view of what's going on.  Fortunately, Anthony at Lucky Gunner emails to point out that they have some stats posted about ammunition sales.  For example:

2013's Most Popular Ammo Calibers at

There's more (and more interesting, just not embeddable) data over there.  Some of it explains what we're seeing - for example, .22lr makes up 7% of their revenue; given the low cost of each .22 cartridge, this translates into a huge volume of .22 being bought.  That makes it more understandable why .22 seems to be like hen's teeth these days.

There's also a quite interesting breakdown of ammunition sales by State.  It's a little mortifying to see Georgia tied with North Carolina.  I mean, NC is the Massachusetts of Dixie.  We got to be able to beat them ...


Dave H said...

Makes sense that the .223 and 5.56 would be their biggest sellers. That's what all of us bitter clingers and black rifle-toting baby shooters in flyover country buy.

ASM826 said...

Easy there, ya damnyankee.

Differ said...

Just picked up a 250rd box of UPC 9mm at Wally World this afternoon, but it was still 29c/rd versus 25c/rd for the 100rd boxes of Winchester. Still I was surprised they had any on a Saturday afternoon.

kx59 said...

Availability is improving.
I get email from ammo for sale dot com on a regular basis. They used to send sale notices of 9mm, 1000 rounds for $199. Now, it's $400.

Keads said...

Ahem, Sir. I beg to differ! Keads in North Carolina!