Friday, October 5, 2012


Seems I agree a lot with the Libertarians.  Didn't see that coming. [/sarcasm]

I'm kind of surprised that I agree with so many of Obama's policies (at least according to this site).  The interesting thing about this site is that you can drill into the questions for a more detailed set of choices.

Via Chris Byrne, who owes me an email (hint hint).


Wolfman said...

I left an observation on this poll over at Weerds place, too. After I took that survey, it occurred to me that I DO agree with the Dems on some things- unfortunately, its the things they give lip service to, and little else. Religious tolerance? Yeah, I can get behind that. Homosexual rights? I want rights for EVERYBODY! Its the big ticket items that I disagree on. Gary Johnson neatly fills the boxes from both sides.

AnarchAngel said...

Email sent. Crazy week.

Irish said...

That's a good find BP :)