Saturday, October 13, 2012

John Conlee - Rose Colored Glasses

Somehow I TiVO'ed Nashville, which seems like Dallas only with Country Music rather than oil.  What the show captures very well - indeed, the conflict at the heart of the drama - is the "old" country music vs. the "new country".    The young female country star that you're supposed to hate is unmistakeably based on Taylor Swift.


Well as you'd imagine, the show is filled with great country music.  I picked up this one that I'd never heard before - I didn't listen to country in the late 70s when John Conlee had this, his first hit.  Conlee was a mortician, but had a good voice and wrote songs.  Moving to Nashville, he cut an album that had three singles that broke into the top ten.  Conlee was active through the 1980s, but oddly never had a similar success to his first album.

This is old school country.  I'm guessing that I'll watch the show again if there's more like this.

Rose Colored Glasses (Songwriters: John Conlee, George Baber)
I don't know why I keep on believin' you need me
When you prove so many times that it ain't true
And I can't find one good reason for stayin'
Maybe my leavin' would be the best for you

But these rose colored glasses that I'm lookin' through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth
And they let me hold onto the good times, the good lines
The ones I used to hear when I held you.
And they keep me from feeling so cheated, defeated
When reflections in your eyes show me a fool.

These rose colored glasses I'm looking through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth
So I'll just keep on hopin', believin' that maybe
by counting the many times I've tried
You'll believe me when I say I love you and I'll lay
these rose colored glasses aside

These rose colored glasses I'm looking through
Show only the beauty, cause they hide all the truth.
UPDATE 13 October 2012 12:35: OK, I have the right lyrics now.  Thanks to Bob for pointing this out.


greg said...

Not a big drama fan, but I am a big Hayden Panettiere fan. If she is meant to be Taylor Swift, Taylor should be very okay with that casting.

Bob said...

Great song, I remember it well. From about my junior year in high school.

Bob said...

Ted, I just noticed you have the wrong lyrics posted for this song. You posted the lyrics to the Kelly Rowland song of the same name.

Borepatch said...

I guess that's what I get for blogging before I'm awake. :-p

Thanks, Bob.

Sabra said...

Dude, I wasn't even born when this song came out, but I know it. But I grew up listening to country music. John Conlee was a favorite of mine growing up; he just has that tear in his voice that you never hear anymore. My favorite from him is "Miss Emily's Picture."

MSgt B said...

Hayden Panettiere!

I'll be in my bunk.

Farmee said...

"I don't Remember Loving You" is a classic too. Conlee was on Dad's 8-track all the time growing up.

Bob said...

You're welcome. I couldn't find the credit for who played the piano in this song, but it sounds very much in the Nashville/Floyd Cramer tradition, if it isn't Cramer himself.

Anonymous said...

I cant bring myself to watch this show. There is no country music on a radio stadion within 100 miles of Nashville. And they base the show in Nashville, about country music. And people believe it.
John Conlee - "Busted", "Friday Night Fever", and "Miss Emily's Picture on the Wall" are sounds from a long time ago in a country far away.