Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Our mission remains: Every Student, Every Day, a Success!"

Yeah, right.  You mean: Our mission remains: cover our butts when Al Gore's Intarwebz casts its jaundiced eye in our direction:
The family of [3 year old, deaf] Hunter Spanjer, the preschooler asked to change the way he signs his name, said the support has been tremendous.

"The encouragement and support is amazing," Brian Spanjer, Hunter's father, said. "It's been more than I could have asked for and it's been extremely helpful."

But, that's not the case for Grand Island Public Schools.

They said they've been receiving hundreds of angry calls and emails, even death threats.

A statement from GIPS Communications Coordinator Jack Sheard said there's more to the story.


The school's statement goes on to say, "Grand Island Public Schools is not requiring any current student with a hearing impairment to change his or her sign language name."
A more cravenly and contemptible ass covering is quite frankly hard to imagine.  The Grand Island, Nebraska school organization combines petty tyranny with cowardice in equal measures.  They thus demonstrate for everyone to see that they are, in every meaning of the word, small.  Well done to the Internet (err, other than the death threat thing) in making your disapprobation known.

And welcome to the Internet, Grand Island Nebraska Public School System.  You seem to think that by aping the prejudices of your coastal "betters" you will win their respect.  Sadly, nothing will win their respect for you because you remain "Flyover Country" and thus will never be more than useful tools to them.  But for the rest of us, aye, we will notice, and give you the respect that you have earned.

And the good Burghers of Grand Island have found out they way your mind works and the kind of men (and women) your are. They know your plans and expectations.  You've burbled every scrap of strategy that you have.  They know exactly what you will and what you won't do.

Please do try to keep up.

Via A Girl And Her Gun who asks a quite interesting question.

Bootnote: It may be that this is the greatest film ever made.  Maybe not, but as the Mythbusters would say: plausible.  But there is no doubt that Peter O'Toole is the greatest film actor who never won an Oscar for any of his many brilliant performances (eight nominations, including this film, all passed by - except for a consolation prize late in life).


AuricTech said...

"Our mission remains: Every Student, Every Day, a Successful Indoctrination!"

Fixed that for them.

Stretch said...

Lion in Winter:
Perfect cast.
Flawless direction.
Writing that is surpassed only by the delivery.
I try to watch it once a year at Christmas.

deadcenter said...

The great things about Peter O'Toole is that despite his being a great actor, he never took himself too seriously and he's fond of self-deprecating humor. When I bellow, bellow back might be my favorite line from Lion.

NotClauswitz said...

My sister was in the stage-play in H.S. - she was the slut-ho' and took the brass ring - it wasn't a stretch for her to play that part either...

Ammo said...

Parent should have the save mission for their children.