Saturday, August 11, 2012


Simon Grey has an epic rant about the Chick-Fil-A episode, with advice to both conservatives and liberals.  For conservatives"
Furthermore, gay marriage isn’t even ruining marriage.  Feminism, coupled with no-fault divorce and a misandrist family court system have done more damage to the social institution of marriage than Adam and Steve ever could.
For liberals:
The majority of the people that hate you do not hate you because you are gay.  They hate you because you are assholes.  Most straight couples have the common courtesy to not kiss in public, or make awkward public displays of affection.  This is because most straight people are well-adjusted, and not delusionally narcissistic.

Get over your martyr complex.
It's well worth reading the whole thing.  The only thing I'd really add is to point out the hypocrisy of the left preaching "tolerance" while being very selective indeed in applying that to their own political philosophy.  PostSecret hits center mass on that:

And while you're over there, he takes on the "Romney is better than Obama" meme.


Anonymous said...

Friggin' awesome article, thanks for the link. I've said pretty much the same thing for years: I don't care what your sexual orientation is. What people do in the privacy of their bedroom is their business. It's when they bring it into public that I have a problem with it. For some reason the LGBT crowd want to throw their sexuality in our faces and demand we respect it.

Best line ever:
Furthermore, if you really want to force the issue of the gay lifestyle with conservatives, you would do well to remember that they love guns. It’s also good to remember that people find it easy to rationalize killing assholes who cross them. Don’t tempt fate is what I’m saying.

Old NFO said...

Good one, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gay marriage isn't the issue it's the real agenda behind this is the Frankfurt school of social Marxism and agenda 21. They wish to destroy society and especially the family unit so they can remake society as a communist utopia.
When they get gay marriage the next step is to lower the age of consent to make the wildest pedophiles dreams come true, bestiality will also likewise be approved as will polygamy, polyandry etc. Remember the goal is destroy society when they take charge when the people demand an end to the anarchy they will then take away all the now usefully registered gay people and have them shot as deviants.
So anybody arguing being reasonable is well an asshole and has an insane death wish. The stakes are bigger than gay marriage and we have heard before this point and no further and found such statements to be total bullshit.
However by all means destroy society and reap your Marxist rewards. A lot of the Democrats and the MSM media will of course be joining them in this, which gives me a moment of schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

@Borepatch- thanks for the linkage; I'm adding you to my blogroll.

@knottedprop- Assuming you are correct about cultural Marxism (and, FWIW, I do), the war has more or less already been lost. It's called feminism, and its ascendency pretty much spells the end of society. Whether two men can buttsex each other with government approval is not a big deal since women are now effectively the head of most families thanks to legal system providing them with insane amounts of power over their husbands. To put it another way, who cares if two percent of marriages are messed up because the partners are of the same sex when ninety percent of marriages are messed up because the wife is the de facto head of the family?

Furthermore, the argument that gays should be reasonable is an argument against cultural Marxism. Do you think that gays never existed prior to the gay rights movement? Of course they did. Back then, though, they didn't feel the need to force everyone to nominally approve of their lifestyle. BY which I mean that they stayed in the closet. If gays still stay in the closet about their homosexuality, I'll have no problem with them. If they try to force me to accept their lifestyle, then we'll have issues.