Sunday, April 21, 2024

Efron Zimbalist, Sr. - Carmen Fantasie

Many of our readers are of an age to remember the actor Efron Zimbalist, Jr, who starred in "The F.B.I." among other TV shows (I particularly like 77 Sunset Strip), or his daughter Stephanie (star of "Remington Steele).  Few have ever heard of his father Efron Zimbalist, Sr. - who like Louis XIII was famous only for Louis XIV.  But he was a famous violinist in the early years of the 20th century and a prolific composer.

This recording is far from HiFi, but gives a flavor of his work.  I found it quite enjoyable.


taminator013 said...

His mother was also famous. Alma Gluck a Romanian-born operatic soprano. An older friend gave me a large stack of old 78 rpm records. I never heard of any of the artists and while researching them came across one by her. That's how I found out that she was his mother.

Mikey said...

The FBI was respectable back when that show was on the air.

libertyman said...

I see the connection to today's date -- April 21. Senior was quite the talented man in his own right, that quaint recording technology brings back memories of 78 RPM discs.Both he and his son made it to 95 years of age -- remarkable.

Not sure if I would agree with Mikey about the respectability of the FBI under Hoover. I think Efron Zimbalist Jr. played the role of someone we would like to think represented the FBI in an upright and trustworthy way. I think Hoover abused the power, to put it mildly.

Anyway, it is great to have Sunday music back again. As always, I learn something in every class.

matism said...

The FBI CLAIMED to be respectable back when that program was on the air.
If you paid your Mafia taxes, they actually PROTECTED you.
Seen any sign of that from your government during any time in your life?

Richard said...

The FBI was doing the same stuff in those years as it is now. Nobody noticed though.

Aesop said...

Point of Order:
It's Efrem Zimbalist, not Efron.

libertyman said...

Aesop is right : Ефрем