Friday, March 1, 2024

Quote of the Day - AI edition

HMS Defiant brings a terrific suggestion:

In a somewhat saner world, I wonder what would happen to any given nascent AI after exposing it to the canon of English. It could start with every volume of The Harvard Classics, swallow the complete Encyclopedia Britannica and for an encore, learn French, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese and swallow the entire compendium of their literature for the last 1000 years. Then it gets everything written by Shakespeare for dessert. I wonder what that model would come up with. I bet it would be profoundly different from any model that got 100% of the ravings of twitter and reddit which seems to be what google was striving for with its useless clunker.



Justin_O_Guy said...

Garbage in
Garbage out
Without Saying
Garbage in
Garbage out?

ASM826 said...

“In this digital age, where bytes and pixels reign, we find our hearts still yearning for the touch of human connection, for in the vast expanse of cyberspace, love’s true signal is but a heartbeat away.”

W. Shakespeare - 2024

Old NFO said...

Oh, that would be interesting to see!

LindaG said...


Kurt said...

Throw in the translations of Aristotle (no Plato, please) and the writings of the Founding Fathers, Tench Coxe, and a few others, and you'd have a dandy mix.

Richard said...

Learned an interesting factoid about the Western Canon. Karl Marx was a hard core Shakespeare fan. I know Marx is a dead white guy but still revered by the Left, even though most of them have never read anything he wrote.

SiGraybeard said...

The real problem with AI is that people trust it.

For some unknown reason, whatever comes out of a computer is endowed with the air of some sort of eternal wisdom instead of the result of 10 million if/then statements put together by someone no wiser than anyone else.

matism said...

Today it would be considered "rasicts" unless it was all done in Swahili and Ebonics!