Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A limit to anti-gun lawfare?

Lawrence finds an interesting case in Washington state:

Kirk: “Did the Attorney General bite off a little more than they could chew on this one?”

Serrano: “Oh absolutely…It was like here’s a gift from God. Or, you know definitely not God, but from Bob Ferguson. It’s [a gift] from Satan…He’s going to go into a rural small conservative county and sue someone who allegedly sold over a thousand of these magazines.”

In 12 years, Cowlitz County has gone from mild blue to deep red.

It may be that we are seeing the mainstreaming of gun rights in what has traditionally been a hostile judiciary.



danielbarger said...

Doesn't change the reality that the left controls the majority of judges and prosecutors. With that control steadily expanding over time. The left suffers occasional setbacks but over my lifetime they have made steady, constant, significant progress in their war on freedom. And that reality isn't changing. We win occasional battles. The left is winning the war.

Old NFO said...

This will be 'interesting'... Any idea of when it will actually go to court?

Borepatch said...

OldNFO, no. But Lawrence might.

- Borepatch

Aesop said...

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Bonaparte