Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rest in Peace, Murphy

Last month, Murphy's Law lost his German Shepherd Memphis Belle.  He just lost his other shepherd, Murphy.  Wolfgang is sad about this, as am I.  Blogger is still messed up for me so I can't leave a comment over at his place, and so I'll put up a post here.

Murphy's Law rescued the dog, way Back In The Day.  Murphy became his constant companion, as they will  do to you.  But Nature is cruel - they become part of your heart but then Nature takes them away too soon.  It's quite a void that gets left behind, at least if we're any good at all.

I've often said that we see ourselves reflected in our dog's eyes, not as we are but as we would wish to be.  

There are songs that say that better, if you know where to look.  To save you the trouble, here's one that fits:

Just A Dog (Songwriter: Mo Pitney)

Ten years ago I was on my way home, saw her walking on the side of the highway alone.
It was raining like hell and I kept telling myself
"not my problem, keep on driving, just like everybody else."
Why should I be the one pulling over on the shoulder at night?

It's just a dog, right?

From the cab of my truck, to the foot of my bed, to a new pair of boots that she chewed in shreds.
Digging holes in the yard, chasing cars down the street
to one gutter and when I found her, I thought it hit me.
Took half of my savings to save her, and I didn't think twice.

It's just a dog, right?

Just an old mutt riding shotgun, getting my seats all muddy.
Just the one who I come home to, just my best fishin' buddy.
We were walking that spring in the sand on the beach.
You know she was the reason, Amy walked up to me.
She lost her place on the couch, but she kept her cool.
She was crazy about Amy and she knew I was too.
And the night that girl left me, she kept me from losing my mind.

But it's just a dog, right?

It's 83° today and man I can hardly wait to get this truck down to the lake, I bet the bass' are hittin'.
Boats in my rear view mirror, got my... tackle box and all my gear,
the wind is right, the sky is clear, there's only one thing missin'.
Just an old mutt riding shotgun in my seats on my knees.
It just hit me she's not with me like she was this past Sunday.
Why am I pulling over on the shoulder with tears in my eyes?

It's just a dog, right?
She was just a dog, right?

Rest in peace, Murphy. 


Michael said...

Dogs are a gift from God to keep us company and to keep us humble. They remind us of what we can be.

Dogs don't BS you. Often my dog is a better judge of character than I am, so I trust my dogs' opinions.

If my dog doesn't like you your shit out of luck. I've scars from overruling my dogs' opinions.

It hurts when we lose them, they are part of the family.

Rest in peace, rest in honor

selsey.steve said...

Dogs are diferent from humans, they don't lie, but they forgive.
That song brought tears, remembering the dogs I've had and, for some, the way they died.
Jody, my English bull terrier, died killing a king cobra not 20 feet from my 3 year old daughter.
Greater love hath no being.

Murphy(AZ) said...

This Old F*rt has something in my eyes, too. Dang allergies.

deb harvey said...

so sorry about murphy remember when beautiful belle went to heaven
murphys law has one dog left to him for comfort
condolences and God's blessings to him