Wednesday, May 11, 2022

What happens when tens of millions of Americans become convinced that elections are shams?

I don't know the answer to that, but I dare say that we're likely to find out. 

Peter posts a review of the documentary 2000 Mules that lays out in gory detail how the election of 2020 was stolen.  It's hard to argue with his conclusions.

Adaptive Curmudgeon compares and contrasts the 80:1 long shot that won the Kentucky Derby with the election of 2020.  This is the key bit:

Let me repeat this known and undeniable fact because it’s important; I could watch the Kentucky Derby and see every damn hoofbeat frame by frame if I wish. But during an American election campaign 51 “intelligence experts” all collectively lied. One single event like that would ruin horseracing pari-mutuel betting for decades and yet we watched it happen in a presidential election. This was not one or two bad apples. It’s 51 of the motherfuckers. They all lied. I can’t get 51 people to agree on the best pizza topping but the press got 51 of them to sign their names on the record to an actual verifiable lie.


I could go on. I could link ten times as many images and endless bits of evidence and statistical anomalies. You’ve seen the same information as me. You’ve seen the images. You watched the vote tally change enormously in the middle of the night. You saw the vote counting stop in the middle of the night and then restart with vastly different results. You’ve seen the vote count charts. You’ve seen the mule videos. You’ve seen the Hunter Biden photos. You read the same Time magazine article.

Does any of that sound, look, or smell like the Kentucky Derby race?

Larry Correia posted a former auditor's impression of the election immediately after results were announced in November 2020.  His conclusion was pretty chilling:

I can say without hesitation though, that fuckery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they’ll be able to prove it. Only this is politics, so who knows. The only thing I do know for certain is that this election is so fucked up it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more. [My emphasis - Borepatch]

The United States was never a democracy: it was intentionally set up as a representative Republic.  For much of its history it was a plutocracy (government by the rich).  We managed to survive those times because growth trickled down to the masses.  That hasn't been true this last 50 years, but the rich still use their control of the Organs of the State to keep themselves in the money.

Everyone else?  Well if you live in Youngstown Ohio, or Leominster Mass, or Detroit Michigan at least the fentanyl is cheap.

But look at that bit from Larry Correia that I highlighted.  We're on that trajectory.  It looks something like this:

2008 - John McCain screws up and puts an actual populist on the ticket as his running mate.  Sara Palin's winking and sense of humor and unabashed normalcy almost won him the election before the Powers That Be reined her in.

2010 - the Tea Party rallied in their millions, but were polite and picked up their trash when they were done.

2012 - the IRS illegally abused the Tea Party and other conservative groups.  We know that they think it was illegal because Lois Lerner (head of the office that did this) pled the Fifth.  Of course she has rights, and cannot be compelled to offer incriminating testimony against herself.  The fact that she thought that this might happen is enough to convince me that she knew she committed a crime.  The Powers That Be got her off.  Oh, and the IRS apologized laterAfter the election, of course, but no blood no foul, amirite?

2016 - Donald Trump shocks the world by beating Hillary Clinton.  He was the equivalent of a late entry 80:1 shot at the Kentucky Derby.  Quite frankly, he was the only candidate (other than Bernie Sanders) who spoke to those voters in Youngstown and places like that.  And suddenly they found their paychecks bought them more than they had a year ago - for the first time in 30 years.  

But Trump was brash and said mean stuff, so the Powers That Be did the hoodoo they doo so well in the 2020 election.  And here we are with gasoline costing twice what it used to and stores running out of baby formula.

So what is that hypothetical voter in Youngstown going to think?  Go back and look at that quote from Larry Correia: it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more.

The American Plutocracy is acting like they think they will never face any consequences.  They are acting like they can push anyone around and do anything to anyone at any time.  I do not believe that they have thought about what our hypothetical voter in Youngstown wants.

For our hypothetical Youngstown man, he may think that the problem is that Trump wasn't mean enough.  And he's very unlikely to be alone in that thought.

God save this Honorable Republic.


Unknown said...

Law-abiding conservatives are exactly that: law-abiding. They hate what the left is doing to this country, but they are also very unwilling to violate the very laws they believe in to bring about the changes they know are needed. They prefer the ballot box, and are angry at how the left has corrupted the election process.

They are also armed to the teeth, but not willing to use those arms on their political opponents - no matter how much they detest their political opponents' beliefs. And they know that using force must be the very last resort. They know the left is populated by hypocrites, and they don't want to be classified as hypocrites themselves.

If we ever get to the point where those same law-abiding conservatives decide that they have no choice but to use their arms to protect themselves and their families...

danielbarger said...

The "American Plutocracy" acts like they can get away with anything because quite simply they CAN and HAVE gotten away with everything,. And as long as that REALITY remains unchanged they have no reason to fear and no reason to end their long running crime spree.

Aesop said...

Too late.

That Reckoning is coming.

Mountains of skulls, and rivers of blood.

DTWND said...

I wrote my congress critter and senators when Trump and McConnell rammed the tax cuts through. My taxes did go down slightly, but they are set to expire in 2025. And the taxes on multi million dollar corporations were made permanent. The rich getting richer while we get crumbs. Trickle down economics at work.

Methinks we are getting trickled upon and I don’t see any clouds


Michael said...

I wrote about this over at Bayou Rennaissance man, in his 2000 mules' post. Very short version here.

We are Law abiding AND THEY Write the Laws.

JUST like King George's Parliament WROTE the Laws for the Colonies.

We need to read the Declaration of Independence. Notice how all the reasons they declared are true today.

Note that the Founding Fathers BROKE the LAW and were Traitors to the Crown.

Just before they Signed the Document they said

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”

If they lost, they were doomed as well as their families.

There was a lot more I wrote but this suffices.

Are we willing to go into harm's way to be known as traitors and our families hunted or are we going to obey the Law and walk into the Boxcars like the Law-abiding Germans did while carrying their luggage and saying "I have Rights and I've called my Lawyer". Really happen BTW.

Maybe we should stop yapping long enough to research just how Michael Collins led the Irish to freedom AND how many years of religious civil war was involved.

Protect your families, find and cherish trusted friends. Real trouble is near.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Borepatch;

Voting is a safety valve, as long as people believe that they have a say in the process, they will stay peaceful. But when they believe that it no longer matters, no matter how they vote, that it will be stolen, their voice ripped away, and they no longer have a voice, then they will drop out out of the political process and subversion begins. To the left, violence is volume knob to turn more or less depending on the political need, to the right, it is a switch, when we flip it, there will no going back because we will have to see it through to the end to protect our families and it will make Sarajevo look like a kindergarten spat.

Michael said...

Mr. G

More Vote HARDER or we'll DO something, eh?

Like the Good Law abiding Jewish Germans did. All the way to the boxcars carrying their luggage complaining "We have RIGHTS and I'll call my Lawyer OR maybe since we're so advanced "We'll Vote Harder next time, you'll see".

Historical Fact in the American Revolution LESS than 5% of the population Actually supported the Revolution, some 30 percent actively fought AGAINST the Revolution and most of them MOVED to Canada, a British Colony during the nasty brawls.

I bet the Irish time of Troubles the percentages was about the same.

MOST Folks simply wanted to be LEFT ALONE. And Everybody in the Colonies HAPPILY TOOK British Gold to resupply the British Troops with food, medicine, clothing, boots and so on. Thus REDUCING the Crowns Re-supply efforts.

You see the Colonial "Government" didn't HAVE a real stock of Gold. They issued Fiat Money called Colonial Dollars. Congress PROMISED AFTER the War was won they'd repay them with Siver dollars. Hint Congress failed to do so after the Revolution, surprising, eh?

The Colonial Dollar was SO WORTHLESS that General Washington at Valley Forge wrote letters to Rich Friends and Congress that a Wagon Load of Colonials Scarcely Bought a Wagon Load of provisions.

Thus, the stories of hungry soldiers without boots freezing in the snow at Valley Forge. If the Christmas Raid against the drunken Hessians failed, Washington's Army would have fallen apart and We'd Still be a Colony of Great Britain. It WAS the Great Gamble of General Washington, all on one throw of the dice of warfare.

Even then, without French support, supporting the Revolution with gunpowder production with Mr. Dupont (as in Dupont Powder Manufacturing even today), real military training with General Lafayette (as in Lafayette we are here quote) and a French Navy providing arms and blockading as a PROXY War against the British to weaken then, we still would have LOST the Revolution.

What country would provide support today? Hint, none.

Those folks that simply want to be left alone today? TODAY Most folks just want to be left alone with their soundbite universe, happily controlled by simple propaganda.

A far number of them can be easily convinced WE are the Problem and get rewarded for turning us in, thus increasing the power of the surveillance state.

I say this as an avid history buff not to demean folks but to awaken them to the REALITY of their chest pounding "Mountains of Skulls and Rivers of Blood".

Destroying stuff IS EASY. Building anything is HARD Work.

I doubt George Washington would pass muster in todays "Patriot" movement.

So, No Leadership, No Logistics, No Medical system, No replacement for the system we seem to despise (even as a lot of us get our Retirement and Social Security etc. from).

Protect your family, find and cherish your trusted friends. Real troubles are coming.

Aesop said...


Thanks for pounding your chest louder and harder than everyone else ever could.

Best wishes on your future endeavors.

Michael said...

Sigh Aesop, had nothing aside from your butthurt to post?

Your pretty smart once you get past yourself and your feelings.

How did you survive Marine Boot Camp, Sir?

You YOURSELF said we had No Medical and did quite a fisking on fellow Patriots that were discussing it.

Not so much fun when you're the "Target" (as YOU see it) of such a fisking, eh?

Why don't you give the Russians a rest and post about the Irish Times of Trouble? Your ability to research would be very useful for the future spiciness.

Michael said...

And right on time Cold Fury has a good primer on how Michael Colins succeeded in Ireland.

Sounds a little like what I was posting about.

Destroying is easy, building teamwork and trust is hard. Betrayal for butthurt feelings is a disaster for any rebellion.

Building a replacement for British Rule in Ireland was also a lot of work.

Kid said...

It was immediately clear that the election was a fraud, at least in the swing states/

Antibubba said...

You left out the conservative fuckery that was the GOP doing everything it could to shut down, HARD, Ron Paul's surging popularity in 2012. Couldn't let ideals inhibit the War Hero, dontcha know.