Monday, July 26, 2021

Congratulations to my Son-In-Law

 Just promoted to Senior Chief.

Bravo Zulu, Steven.  It's a really difficult job ...


Eagle said...

Leaps tall buildings with a single bound,
Is more powerful than an express locomotive,
Faster than a speeding bullet,
Walks on water.
Gives policy to GOD

Leaps short buildings with a single bound,
Is more powerful than a shunting engine,
As fast as a speeding bullet,
Walks on water if the sea is calm.
Talks with GOD.

Leaps short buildings with a running start,
Is almost as powerful as a shunting engine,
And slower than a speeding bullet,
Walks on water in indoor swimming pools.
Talks with GOD if a special chit is provided.

Barely clears small huts,
Loses tug-of-war with small engine,
(Wins tug of war with an engine when assisted)
Can fire a speeding bullet,
Swims well.
Is occasionally addressed by GOD

Sometimes clears a garden shed
Loses tug of war with an engine
Has been known to handle a gun
Swims with difficulty
Has been heard to say “Oh God!â€

Makes high marks when trying to leap over buildings,
Is run over by engines,
Can sometimes handle a gun without injuring himself,
And doggy paddles in water.
Talks to Animals

Runs into buildings,
Recognises engines two out of three times,
Is not issued with ammunition,
Can stay afloat whilst wearing a Mae West.
Talks to Walls.

Falls over step when trying to enter buildings,
Says ‘Look at the Choo-Choo’,
Only allowed to look at guns,
(Wets himself with a Water Pistol)
Plays in puddles.
Mumbles to Himself.

Lifts buildings and walks under them,
Kicks locomotives off the tracks,
Catches speeding bullets in his teeth and eats them,
Freezes water with a single glance.
He is GOD.

And, of course, the SCPO tells the CPO where to put the coffee pot.

LindaG said...

Congratulations and God bless to him!

Dan said...


Old NFO said...

Congarats to him!!! :-)

chris said...

Congrats to a proud papa!!

MikeyB said...

Is his coffee cup now sutured to his left hand? (Gotta keep the right hand free to salute ensigns!) OTOH, congratulations to your son. Hard earned rank, and well worth respecting.

MikeyB (retired USN)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...


Flugelman said...

BZ to your Son-in-Law from a long retired Senior Chief.

Your cartoon reminds me of a happenstance on a flight from Sangley Point, P.I. to Cam Ranh Bay back in the '60s. In the P2 we normally hung a fuel bladder on one side of the bomb bay and a net on the other side to hold bags and such. A young Ensign Navigator, new to the squadron, waltzes up to the plane captain and instructs him to load his bags for him. Aye aye, sir was the reply and the bags went into the bomb bay but not into the net. About halfway to Cam Ranh the place captain announces "I smell fuel fumes." The drill at that point was to open various windows and the bomb bay to ventilate the aircraft. I guess that particular set of bags are still floating somewhere in the South China sea.

Tsgt Joe said...

I know I only met you the one time, but I dont remember you as being old enough to have a Senior chief for a son in law.

Borepatch said...

Tsgt Joe, bless you!

But yeah, I sure am. Abby is 35 and Steven is 40. Maybe I'm just well preserved.

HMS Defiant said...

Congrats to him. BZ!

drjim said...

BZ! Senior Chief is a hard rank to make. My hat's off tho him!

Glen Filthie said...

He’s on a carrier, right BP?

Congrats fellas!