Sunday, July 11, 2021

Arise, Sir Libertyman

Yesterday's Dad Joke about Beatles music - where I gave props to The Queen Of The World - caused long time reader and FotB* libertyman to leave the following comment:

To the Queen of the world, Thank You Girl, You Really got a Hold on Me for this one, Borepatch, She Loves You so Let It Be, otherwise you will go Nowhere Man or You’re Going to Lose that Girl, When you Turn 64.
I did this with a Little Help from My Friends, and since I did go shooting this morning (not Yesterday) I Feel Fine, after all, Happiness is a Warm Gun. Anyway, Act Naturally and maybe we can Come Together soon.
The End

This made us both laugh out loud, and it's not the first time.  I think that this may actually be the funniest comment ever left at this blog.

And so in consideration to your long and faithful service to the Throne, The Queen Of The World gratefully dubs you Sir Libertyman, OBE (Order of the Blogging Empire).

*Friend of the Blog.  Libertyman is also a FiRL (Friend in Real Life).


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

All hail Sir Libertyman, OBE

libertyman said...

I am humbled and honored.

Tell her Majesty I wanna tell her I love her a lot, but I gotta get a bellyful of wine.

Thank you.

The Neon Madman said...

Libertyman is the Walrus.

Borepatch said...

You guys crack me up

MikeyB said...

My guitar is gently weeping.