Monday, August 3, 2020

Quote of the Day (from the comments)

The Silicon Graybeard left a comment to ASM826's post, Amplify The Signal, getting Quote Of The Day:
That doctor that was fired from her job as an ER physician after the video talking about the benefits of HCQ (Dr. Simone Gold) said that sub-Saharan Africa, among the poorest countries in the world with the worst healthcare systems had a small fraction of our death rate. Virtually everyone in those countries is on HCQ as an anti-malarial drug.

It is beyond mind boggling that something like this has become such a political issue.
Word.  The "Experts" have not covered themselves in glory here.


libertyman said...

Who still thinks Covid 19 is just a healthcare issue?

There must be a bunker with James Bond villains and a giant world map with people in lab coats running all around reporting on the chaos created. We have to find that bunker and stop this madness.

libertyman said...

Old NFO said...

Nope. And a 2005 article 'surfaced' today from Fauci in 2005 touting HCQ as a precursor treatment for Covid/SARS V.

danielbarger said...

Facts and science are no longer relevant. The political agenda is all
that matters. And that agenda is DESTROY TRUMP so the communist demonrats
can regain control of Mordor On The Potomac and continue their quest to
destroy America as it was founded and we knew it. If lives...a few, a few
hundred, a few thousand....even a few MILLION are lost in service to that
agenda than that is a price worth far as the left is concerned.
Remember....what's a few million lives lost to a virus compared to the more
than a HUNDRED MILLION the communist creed has killed over the past century.

BillM said...

A little research shows that indeed the death rates in sub-saharan Africa
are crazy low. Nigeria, 195 million population with <900 dead is typical.

They are not "All on HCQ for malaria". Sub-saharan malaria is chloroquine resistant, and one of several other drugs are used.

Which sort of leads in the direction of "Anti-malarial drugs in general may
may be an effective prophylaxis against Covid-19"

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Aesop said...

1) HCQ has been publicly available, with as near to zero risk as humanly possible, for half a century. The idea that is shouldn't be used to treat Kung Flu is pure knee-jerk Trump Derangement Syndrome. Period.

2) That said, refering to any African "statistics" as having anything yo co with actual objective facts is risible.
The Fudge Factor between "African statistics" and reality in the 2014 Ebola outbreak was 400%. As Casey Stengel used to say, "You could look it up."

3) You're dealing with the absolute 50 stupidest countries on the planet, by every measurement of literacy, numeracy, and education. Congresstard Evita Guevara-Castro would be a PhD college president anywhere south of Malta, instead of a running joke.
These are people who can only count past ten because they can't afford shoes, and who view reality and reports as only occasionally, distantly, and vaguely related.
And $20 cash in most countries can get you whatever "data" you want. Because that's a month's pay for most of the population.

4) In last year's DRC Ebola outbreak, it was only the THIRD most serious epidemic there that year. Most years a good number of any given country is dying of any ten things, and they're too uneducated, under-staffed, ill-equipped, and superstitious to test for anything with what even a first grader here would call accurate.
FFS, this is a CONTINENT where being put to death for witchcraft is still a regular feature of average daily life.

And someone - anyone - is going to tell me they can test and aggregate accurate statistics on Kung Flu infections, deaths, and treatment? Something not even Florida nor Texas can do, to date?

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.
But thanks for the smiles.