Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Civilizations fall

This is a very interesting, short discussion by Sir Kenneth Clark on why the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome fell.  It's well worth a listen, and will make you think about the current assault by the "Intellectual Class" on our own civilization's self-confidence.

Quite frankly, it's Exhibit A in the case of the People v. the Universities, and strong evidence in support of the proposition that we should entirely de-fund higher education.



Thanks for that short video.

At the risk of being shameless, you might like my thoughts on civilizational collapse:

Civilizational Collapse and the Brain

McChuck said...

The university system is not helping, and is actively (and with malicious intent) harming our great nation. Tear it all down. Start over from scratch with an apprenticeship system. Ban every prior participating professor. Banish the administrators and "-studies" advocates to the salt mines.