Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happiness is a clean gun

(bang, bang) (shoot, shoot)

It was fun to have a range weekend with co-blogger and Brother-From-Another-Mother ASM826.  We shot a lot of obscure and really interesting guns (range reports anon), but the companionship of friends and like minds is a special reward all its own.

What was particularly interesting (and which deserves a post of its own) is the range of old to new gun designs, of simple/complex designs that you really see by stripping and cleaning different guns all in the same evening.

For example, despite my love for the M1 Garand ("The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Designed"), disassembling it to clean it is non-trivial.  The AR platform (besides being crazy accurate and firing a round which weighs less than half the venerable .30-06) is crazy easy to take apart to clean.

I guess that firearms design advances in 40 years, in many ways for the better*.  No better way to see this than to strip and clean 8 or 9 different guns.

And a huge, huge thanks to ASM826 for hosting this, and to Dan for coming out with his arm in a sling (been there and feel your pain, brother) and to Ken for sharing some of the most interesting guns I've seen in ages.

And for anyone who actually, you know, doesn't get the reference from the post title, here's remedial education**.  It's held up surprisingly well - musically speaking.

* Get offa my lawn, punk.

** Get offa my lawn, punk.


McChuck said...

Borepatch - did you make it in to the gun show this weekend? There were a few interesting pieces on display.

Glad you guys got to get together to turn money into loud noises and smiles.

Borepatch said...

McChuck, I didn't get to the gun show, just to the range. Busy weekend.