Sunday, April 22, 2018

Alessandro Rolla - Violin Concerto in B-flat major

Alessandro Rolla was an Italian classical composer mostly known as the teacher of Paganini.  He really deserves better, as his music was in some (albeit limited ways) groundbreaking, and was published all over Europe.  A virtuoso on the viola, he composed a great deal of music for an instrument that had mostly been in the shadow of its better known cousin, the violin.

His reputation was such that he was appointed conductor of the orchestra of La Scala.  The French under Napoleon had conquered Italy and the new governor wanted the orchestra to showcase the greatest virtuosos available.  Rolla's success there was such that when the French were expelled after Napoleon's fall he remained conductor until retiring in 1833.

Bootnote: It was surprising to discover that in over 250 weekly Sunday Classical posts, I have never done one on Paganini.  I'll have to correct that oversight next week.

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libertyman said...

Just back from Portland this morning.

Excellent choice -- lots of very high notes! Another "new" composer for me. Off to Amazon to see what they have.

Actually have a nice spring day here in NH!