Saturday, April 22, 2017

You Can't Make This Stuff Up - A Brigid Post

Chicago police posted on their twitter account a photo of "drugs and weapons seized" after a positive search warrant. 

Did they find this in a DeLorean?


Ken said...

Maybe a Stutz Bearcat. :-)

Borepatch said...

I guess the punk felt lucky.

SiGraybeard said...

Maybe I'm a bit too pedantic, but I can't consider a revolver without a trigger to be a weapon. Since there's apparently only one type of drug present, they should have said "drug and weapon".

Goober said...

Unless that revolver has been converted to fire smokeless cartridges, it probably isn't even illegal for a felon to own it. Of course with gun laws as variable as they are from place to place, I could be wrong, but aren't cap and ball revolvers pretty much considered antique collectibles and not really "firearms" in the strictest sense?

Actually it's kind of funny that none of any of the things pictured would be illegal in WA where I live, unless the person in possession was a felon.

Kind of illustrates how silly our laws are when "perfectly legal" turns into "multiple felonies" just because of a change in location.

Goober said...

1858 new army sans trigger. Sooper dangerous. It has the assault weapon extended barrel and the trigger has been removed so it can be rapid fired in a spray and pray full auto mode. It can be fired 6 times without reloading unless you get the extended clip which makes it fire continuously for 100 million rounds. You don't need one of those to hunt a deer. This weapon was meant for murder and no one needs one unless they have a small penis.