Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wonders in the Mail - a Brigid Post

I am a huge fan of The Piano Guys and their music is what has upheld and uplifted me after losing my brother, as well as some intense and continuing PT after a bad fall on cement steps that tore up my right leg a couple of years back, a disabling injury that meant I had to leave field work as a federal agent that helps to find a family's closure.  That was tough to deal with on top of losing Barkley, my stepmom if 30 years (Mom died when I was in college), and my only brother, all within a very short time span.

The Piano Guys have millions of fans - I'm just one. But not too long back, Jon Schmidt, the pianist, lost his only daughter in a tragic hiking accident near where Dad lives, while I was on a visit there. I couldn't join the search in rough terrain when she went missing due to my leg, but I could send some words to uphold them spiritually, when her body was found, which I did, figuring it would be lost in all the fan mail. Yesterday a small envelope came to the house addressed to my author name.  My publisher sometimes forwards stuff, so I thought it was a request for a book signing or some other promotion.  Then I noticed "TPG" and the address.

It was a hand-written thank you card from Michelle and Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys thanking me for my words of comfort and offering me encouragement as I continue on without my own family members. Their words of "the worth of helping one person" meant so much. Nothing could have made my day brighter here in these days that precede the anniversary of my beloved brother's death on Good Friday.

There are really good people out there.


Rich in NC said...

There are really good people out there, and you, Ms LB are one of them. (remember, your words to them out of the mailbags full from other fans, struck a note with them strong enough to handwrite back.)


Rich in NC

Suz said...

+1 Rich in NC.

Your skill with words lifts many of us all during the year. I am glad you got a "return lift" on a day when you needed one.

Atom Smasher said...

Did I get from y''all? I either clicked a link from a blog I don't remember today, or I stumbled on her by accident. I want to bear her many strong sons.

Borepatch said...

This is a great story. I've also been a huge fan of TPG, but this puts a human face on the group.