Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bacon of the Month Club

How can something this good go so bad?  First, the good:
We'll ship to the lucky recipient each month, just in time for weekend frying.
Each shipment contains 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon, bacon stories, histories and recipes.
Bonus! Free Bacon Booklet keepsake primer and awesome Pig Magnet with first club shipment.
"Amazing artisan bacon"—Mario Batali
"The best thing I ever ate"Michael Symon
"Fantastic gift!"—Bobby Flay
Sounds good!  What's it cost?

Zingerman's Bacon Club - $99


  • Month 1:
    Applewood Smoked Bacon, Bacon All-Stars Refrigerator Magnet, Pocket Book of Bacon
  • Month 2:
    Kentucky Dry Cured Bacon
  • Month 3:
    Arkansas Peppered Bacon

  • [blink] [blink]

    $33/lb for bacon?  I don't pay that for steak.  I don't like paying half of that for steak.

    Bah.  Got to find me a local bacon bootlegger.


    R.K. Brumbelow said...

    Grandad Brumbelow was a hog farmer, no better pork than that which is finished on acorns.

    UK Houston said...

    Every time that I think Ari, the Zingerman's mastermind, has gone too far with his pricing, he just becomes even more successful. He's been surfing the leading edge of the price curve for nearly 40 years now. The man's a marketing genius.

    By the way, try the bread. It's overpriced, but man, you will not be sorry.
    Get a loaf of "paesano" ... wow.

    Old NFO said...

    Oh HELL no! That is a ripoff and THEN some!!!

    LindaG said...

    Farmer's markets are your friend. We have a couple here that do bacon.
    Or an Amish settlement. My brother swears by their pepper cured bacon.

    Ken said...

    Probably worse than that -- at "12 to 16" ounces, expect a lot of skewness in the distribution, and it will probably be leptokurtic as well, with a mode of around, um, 12 (and mean/median not much greater than 12). :-)

    Ted said...

    Well to be fair it does say ".....contains 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon, bacon stories, histories and recipes."

    Which leaves open the question of just how much of that weight is actually Bacon and how much is printed filler. I suspect 50/50.

    abnormalist said...

    Zingermans is expensive to the point of lunacy, but dang if it aint tasty...

    That said my local butchers apple smoked uncured cut 1/8" thick is a steal at $5/lb