Friday, October 28, 2016

Pearl Harbor vet gets World Series tickets

He went to a Series game at Wrigley Field if 1945, and now he has front row tickets to tonight's game:
Jim Schlegel, the 97-year-old veteran of Pearl Harbor whose daughter wanted him to see one more Chicago Cubs World Series game, is going to see one more Chicago Cubs World Series game.
With ticket prices in the tens of thousands on the secondary market, Helen Schlegel turned to a GoFundMe page earlier this week to raise the cash to buy the tickets for her dad, who was at the sixth and seven games of the World Series the last time the Cubs lost one.
She needn’t have bothered because social media is free and there’s always someone out there willing to be nice to an old vet
Like Marcus Lemonis, the star of a CNBC reality show on small business.
Bravo to Mr. Lemonis.  The funds raised in the GoFundMe campaign (over $12,000 so far) are going to the Purple Heart Foundation.


Hat tip: The Queen Of The World.

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