Monday, October 10, 2016

Paraphrasing Tolkien on the two candidates

Trump speaks foul but feels fair - his position on the issues is clearly stated and hasn't changed in a meaningful way.

Hillary speaks fair - she has that polished politician's way with words.  But the feeling of foulness simply doesn't stop.

This is a Change election, with the vast majority of the electorate convinced that the country is on the wrong path.  The establishments (of both parties) have been determined to serve up More Of The Same.  The howling that you hear is all about the "principle" of who is moral enough to occupy the Oval Office.

Remember, when they say it's all about the principle, it's all about the money.  The Donor Class is determined to get its Trade Agreements and Open Borders, and that money flows to a legion of establishment politicians and talking heads.  And so the shrieks rise to the heavens.

Trump is taking serious flak.  That means that he's over the target.


Nonesuch River 1758 said...

Clear positions, like
o Restrictions on freedom of speech, expression, press, and religion
o Support for ethnic cleansing
o Ordering our military to commit torture and other war crimes
o Cozying up to dictators while abandoning our friends
o Encouraging the assassination and imprisonment of political opponents
o Encouraging the extrajudicial execution of minorities
o Cutting taxes for the rich while cutting services for the poor
o Freeing large corporations to pollute the air and water, and to cheat consumers

Clear? Sure. Scary? I guess that depends - "First they came for the ..."

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

Hillary feels foul? That might have something to do with Republicans tossing turds at her for decades. Benghazi! Vince Foster!

Gee, if only they could actually find something ...

Borepatch said...

Nonesuch River, if she's not tough enough to handle the Republicans tossing "turds", how can she stand up to Putin?

And since you brought up Benghazi, she's supposed to be the most qualified person ever. But strangely, when she was Secretary of State she seems not to have learned anything about removing a head of state and destabilizing a country without a plan for what happens next. She complained about Bush and Iraq, but he at least could say that there wasn't a glaring example of that sort of screw up for him to learn from. She VOTED to go into Iraq ("Bush lied to her" - not that Putin would ever do that). She saw how that country went to Hell in a hand basket. Then SHE made the call to do exactly the same thing to Libya.

Quite frankly, the only question about her decision there is whether TotalFinaElf gave a bunch of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Ted said...

Nonesuch ,

Are those Hillarys positions you listed. ??? I'm confused. They certainly are not Trump positions.

Perhaps you could expand on just what you are referring to with an example or two of thooose supossed policy positions??

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

@Borepatch - I never said that Clinton can't take having turds tossed at her for decades, merely that the most foul stench you (and others - sulfur from Hell!) detect from her is the result of the turds, not her own.

Regarding Libya, if you'll cast your mind back, some of our NATO allies begged us to help them protect civilians from slaughter by the Libyan army. We offered air support. The rest - and the ground war in particular - was up to our allies. They blew it.

As to whether we should support our allies when they finally get up off their behinds and actually want to save lives, that's a different issue (one that I'm not interested in getting into here).

Think it possible that Hillary Clinton isn't as bad as you think she is. I would like to see some evidence that Donald Trump isn't as bad as I think he is, but recent history isn't very encouraging on that score.

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

@Ted - Here are a few examples :

o "I'll open up the libel laws and when someone lies about me I'll sue them and get lots of money"

o Bombings in New York and New Jersey were demonstrations that freedom of expression should be curtailed.

o We'll raise a "deportation militia" and forcibly remove all illegals and their American-born American-citizen children.

o "Day one we'll get rid of the EPA". I assume without proof that the CFPB would follow shortly thereafter.

I'm not going to try to give examples of all the above - some (like cutting taxes) should be immediately obvious to the casual observer. Others are left as an exercise for the interested student.
o "I'll order our military do waterboarding and even worse", "we'll kill their wives and children", "we'll take their oil". And don't worry, our military will carry out these orders, even if we have to replace some generals.

o "Putin is a very strong leader", "we should ally with Russia, Syria, and Iran", "NATO is obsolete", "Hey - maybe the Russians can find the rest of the emails"

o "If we lose, maybe the Second Amendment folks can do something", "You'd be in jail", "Lock her up"

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

@Ted - I forgot my favorite : In response to "Mr Trump - have you event read the Constitution? You can borrow mine" we got "What gives him the right to say that?" Seriously?