Saturday, December 19, 2015

Law school professor: NFL's DeflateGate investigation "undermines the integrity and public confidence in the game"

Filed in an amicus curiae in the appeal of Tom Brady's suspension.  Also:
“If adverse inferences should be drawn from a party’s failure to produce relevant evidence,” Blecker writes, “the League’s failure to produce either gauge overshadows Brady’s failure to produce his cell-phone — especially when all phone records confirm that the NFL has all relevant texts.”
Even if you don't like the Patriots, the NFL's willful ignoring of the science and investigative process is pretty unsavory.



Guffaw in AZ said...

Professional football is a business. Not unlike Hollywood. And, as such, will attract similar folks.
Like criminals who want money.
This, of course, differs from professional baseball. I understand the U.S. Congress has declared it 'not a business'!
So, I'm certain it's different...



Ken said...

The NFL is pretty unsavory, period.

EMS Artifact said...

Have you read the weekly pressure test results from the NFL this season?
Of course not, there is no such thing. They didn't pressure check the balls before, during, or after that frigid Vikings-Seahawks game. Or before during or after the Cardinals-Packers game. Or any other regular or post season game for that matter.

They have nothing and are spending a lot of the owners money proving it.