Thursday, December 17, 2015

Go now - coolest Google doodle EVER

Google often puts up "doodles" to commemorate events of the day.  Go NOW to to see the doodle they made in honor of Beethoven's 245th birthday.

Go now - it won't be there tomorrow, and it's as astonishingly magnificent as old Ludwig deserved.  I love the puzzles where you put together pages of sheet music for his songs - and must brag that I did the Ode To Joy on the first try.

For those of you who might miss this doodle, here's the Ode To Joy, done as only the Japanese can (yes, it's true, with a chorus of 10,000!).  Thanks, Ludwig.  And thanks, Google.  For a little while, you weren't evil.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Holy shit.

I remember my dad making me listen to this as a kid, and him saying that he always imagined this piece to be the soundtrack to the gates of Heaven being opened.

Mop said...

This should be a permanent link