Sunday, December 20, 2015

Airport security line whining

I got the closest parking place to the terminal that I think I've ever had. Then a massive delay at security theater. And Southwest Business Select didn't get me TSA Pre. Bah.

I liked it when I wasn't flying so much.


drjim said...

The last few times we've flown anywhere we've been TSA Pre.

I'm not sure how we got signed up for it (maybe it's my TWIC?), but not having to take my damn shoes off definitely makes it worth a few $$ if we have to start paying for it!

The Big Guy said...

TSAPre- worth it!

Anonymous said...

The secret to getting Pre is to ensure your Pre registered name, your ticketed name and your picture ID name are all identical. If your dim witted secretary misspells any of them, or doesn't use middle initial, or uses what she calls you as your first name because it's what she hears everyone call you, then get ready for boarding scrutiny.

And it will NEVER be fun because TSA is not allowed to hire hot chicks.

matism said...

They are however, encouraged to hire twinks and dykes, genericviews. In accordance with the quota system and the Preferred Species ladder. Because meeting quota is a critical aspect of every TSA management performance plan.

Comrade Misfit said...

My gripe with SWA is that I paid the cash to get into the A-group. Then they let active duty military go first. Which I wouldn't normally complain about, except there were 30 of them.

They ought to figure out a way to limit that to trigger-pullers. POGs/REMFs shouldn't get that.