Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Probulate me!

I used to like fly, back when I wasn't treated as a candidate for Guantanimo. I remember once back in 1998 when I took the 5 year old #1 Son on the MARTA subway to Atlanta airport. We went out to the Crown Room in the E Concourse, just to drink Cokes and watch the planes. Then we came home.

Those days are gone. I went through the PervScan, and can't say I was particularly happy about it. Right behind me was a very attractive young lady - I didn't ask, but I can't imagine she was very happy, either. After all, it will be her picture hitting teh Intarwebz, not mine.

Last time, #1 Son and I drove the 1000 miles, but I can't do a "there and back again" trip like that in two days. Sigh.

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