Tuesday, June 6, 2023

D-Day + 79 (years)

There's quite a discussion in the comments over at Peter's place about whether Lindbergh was right (probably) and by implication whether we should have sat WWII out.

Once the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor and then Adolf Hitler declared war on us the following day, that ship had sailed.  These men fought because we had been attacked, and because Hitler had thrown his hat into the ring with Tojo.

As Big Country likes to say, period, dot.

Having stood at the top of that ridge at Omaha beach, and having walked the grounds of that cemetery, remember the men of that day.


FeralFerret said...

My father was one of them.

Borepatch said...

Rest in peace.

- Borepatch

Aesop said...

Isolationism and open support and admiration for Hitler were pretty hard to walk back by 1946.

So no, Lindbergh wasn't "right", and that's why he went into seclusion and self-imposed exile for pretty much the entire rest of his lifetime, from 1941 until his death in 1974.

Only his accomplishments as an aviator, fame and public stature amidst the Depression prevented him from being arrested for being a collaborator.

Back when life had consequences.

sykes.1 said...

My father, in the field artillery spent the night in an LST, and went ashore on the 7th. He then travelled much the same route my grandfather did a quarter century earlier. They must have passed through the same villages. I've ofter wondered if they talked about it. We lived in my grandfather's duplex when I was young.

The Lab Manager said...

WWII was another phony bankers war that accomplished nothing good for the West. General Patton has some interesting comments that probably got him removed in an unpleasant way. Hitler was simply trying to unite the German people and many were amicable to the idea.

Now, everyone had some self interests here regardless of country, but it's clear that Stalin was planning to steam roll Eastern Europe before Hitler beat him to the punch. It's sickening that us allies gave resources to a brutal communist state that should have been allowed to die thanks to Hitler.

If WWII was so great for freedom and 'duh-mocracy,' why was Eastern Europe literally given to the communist? Who really benefited from this war? Anyway, you guys enjoy the gay pride parades and the transweirdos molesting children and be thankful you are not speak German.