Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Bake like it's 1653

Via The History Blog, there's a Sweet Potato Pie recipe from 1653.  Pretty cool, although it's been updated for the modern palate.  Pretty high end ingredients for the day, so not exactly what the Pilgrims would have had at Thanksgiving, but it sounds pretty yummy.


Michael said...

What would be really interesting is information on how bakers and cooks in general did before thermostatically controlled oven and such.

Thanksgiving thoughts, eh?

Cooking on a wood stove stuff. What's a 400 degree oven without a gauge?

How do you know your turkey is done properly? A cut into it looking for clear fluids? Deeper cut looking for bloody meat vs cooked?

A toothpick in the bread comes out clean stuff.

Feral Ferret said...

My wife made a sweet potato pie about 10 years ago for Thanksgiving dinner at her daughter's in-laws (at the time). They loved it and didn't even realize it wasn't pumpkin until she told then. The father in law said it was the best "pumpkin" pie he had ever had.

Brutus said...

Townsends does quite a few historic recipes on their channel -

matism said...

Sweet potato pie is commonly sold in Publix and Winn-Dixie down here in the evil South!

Jonathan H said...

That was 30 years past the first Thanksgiving, so availability of ingredients (if you had the money) had skyrocketed.