Saturday, October 1, 2022

I'm back (mostly) - plus an important message

First, the message:  Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach, and Big Country is trying to provision his army of attorneys to save his grand daughter from a completely messed up home situation.  I expect that you've already heard about this (I expect that 95% of our readers also follow him), but any spare change you can toss his way would be very much appreciated.   You can donate here.

Plus he's made an appearance in Chris Muir's Day By Day cartoon.  Pretty darn cool.

Now for a quick update.  It's been nothing but asses and elbows for a week, first getting ready for the storm and then cleaning up after.  Long days, and it's shown me that I'm not in very good shape physically.  Need to start working out.

The Queen Of The World is hurting pretty bad - back, hip, and knees have been an issue for a while now, and all the lifting and carrying has not helped.  Today is a day off, by executive order.  I'll post more tomorrow, but we're both pretty wiped out now.


Feral Ferret said...

Glad to see you made it through and are posting again. Don't over do things and mess yourself up. Pace yourselves.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't know who Big Country is.
I read that cartoon earlier today and no one in comments knew who it was except a cryptic comment from a CA.
I still don't get it. Oh well.

SgtBob said...

My wife and my daughter wore themselves out putting up steel shutters until my wife found somebody young to do it for money. Our daughter did her own house. Yesterday a neighbor offered to take them down and put back in the garage for nothing. I can't do any of that, and was not slow on accepting.

BobF said...

Bought Dade County code windows a few years ago -- no shutters or plywood since. Good thing as we can't handle it all anymore. Can empathize with The Queen.

Lost power 2227 Wednesday, finally back on this morning for a minute and back off. Few minutes later back on for good. Minor flooding and I swear I'll go to jail on the next one because I'll do harm to the first asshole who gets in his big truck and barrels his ass down the street sending wake and debris all over the place.

Ain't recovery mode fun?!

BobF said...

Now that you're relaxing, let's talk generators.

Look, do you REALLY let anything else in your prep world go L O N G periods without checking them? I'll bet not. Please run that thing twice a year, if not quarterly. I put between a cup and a pint in mine and run it out twice a year just for the fun of it, and I do read the runtime meter for oil changes.

Though I do have them as backup, candles suck -- not much light and dangerous. LEDs are wonderful, but they still need power and power needs recharge a some point. I have small inverters in each car to power phones and laptops, but those extension cords from the generator make the rounds from refers and lights as needed.

Want more motivation? This wasn't in July and sweating our butts off despite adding FANS (or my portable A/C) to the list. WE WERE LUCKY in several ways.

Motivational rant over. PLease forgive if over the line.

Now to go cut/bundle all those damned palm branches in my yard. *I* don't have a palm tree.

B said...

Bob: Better to store it clan and dry, so there is nothing to clog the carbs or anything else. runit empty, then run it with either avgas or coleman fuel to clean out the carb (neither will cause varnish)...then, if possible, drain the float bowl. Doing that, there is nothing to cause varnish or any other carb issues. Change the oil (no acid combustion byproducts) and cover it. That way it is like the day it came from the factory. add gas and it is ready to go.

Not that your way is a bad idea, its just not the best.