Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tab clearing

Here's a selection of what I've been looking at.  There's no connection other than I found each fascinating, even if I don't agree 100% with all points.

John Michael Greer (the artist formerly known as The Arch Druid) looks at the Georgia Guidestones (recently blown up) and connects them to Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset - and brings ancient Mycenae along for the ride.  Here's a flavor from a loong and thoughtful post recommending some modesty from today's "elites".  I expect he will be disappointed by their lack of humility moving forward:

Grant for a moment that modern American society crashes to ruin over the next few centuries, following the usual trajectory of civilizations on their way to history’s compost heap. Grant that the decline and fall has the usual effects: population drops to 5% or so of the precollapse peak, most technology and information resources are lost, literacy becomes a rare skill, and a long and bitter dark age settles over the land. The people of that future time will use storytelling the same way every other illiterate culture has done—it’s apparently hardwired into human brains at this point, after so many generations of evolutionary selection in its favor. What stories will they tell about us?

If you think the stories in question will be the sort of thing that would allow us to preen our egos if we happened to hear them, think again.
The Bitter Centurion echos this in a very personal way.  If the "elites" think that they will be remembered as Gods they don't understand just how much people hate them today:
I've never truly hated anyone the way I hate these 'elites'. These corrupt politicians, corporate oligarchs, and central bankers. The people who have gotten obscenely rich and powerful on the backs of the regular, common folks who are constantly forced to do more with less just to provide for their families.

The entire globe is on the cusp of a Third World War with the Russians, not to mention the internal strife and turmoil in several nations around the world we are seeing as a result of this 'Build Back Better/ESG' bullshit, cooked up at the World Economic Forum. All the major conflicts and problems we are seeing in the world today, every single one of them, is entirely THEIR fault. It is all their doing.
Why can't America build anything?  Basically elites and government bureaucrats.

What Edward Gibbon got wrong about the fall of the Roman Empire.  This is a good overview but Gibbon really needed someone to take him aside when he started blaming it on Christianity.  After all, the Eastern Roman Empire was much more devoutly Christian than the Western portion and survived the West by a thousand years.  A millennium isn't exactly a rounding error, Eddie.


SiGraybeard said...

I'm sorry, but whenever I see something like "Why can't America build anything?" I can't help but think I worked in electronics manufacturing for about 40 years and the only constant over that 40 years was people telling me "we don't build anything in America." I retired six years ago, the last company I worked for is still there, and still manufacturing all sorts of aviation electronics. Same with the companies before that. Not sure about the place I worked in the '70s.

Lots of electronics is manufactured in America. The only thing we don't build in America is cheap consumer goods, and we're a hell of a lot more likely to succeed at that today than we were 40 years ago.

I didn't read the entire article on building the Sepulveda Pass Freeway Expansion, but it sounds like the root cause there was government. Too much incompetence in the project. Why were their tunnel boring machines so slow? No incentive to do better. They get big government contracts as it is, so why improve?

What's the root cause problem in America? Behind just about every problem? Big freakin' government.

Ken said...

I still say that the Georgia Guidestones (ref. "who's actually behind it?") strike me as something Ted Turner would think was cool; aesthetically it's about on the level of colorized movies.