Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A modest proposal to the Governor of Florida

Item the first: no Florida Law Enforcement personnel are allowed to work with the Gestapo FBI, under penalty of being dismissed from Florida employment, unless authorized by the Florida Governor.

Item the second: any Gestapo FBI Agent executing law enforcement actions on any citizen of Florida without authorized (by the Governor's office) are subject to arrest by the Florida State Police and prosecution under Florida law.

Actually, it would be nice if instead of "Gestapo FBI" it was "any Federal law enforcement employee".

Sure, sure, the Fed.Gov will fight this in (Federal) court.  Maybe the Federal Court will (shockingly!) rule in favor of the Fed.Gov.  This will just give the Florida Governor another bite on the same apple.  A Federal Court might issue a ruling, but (in Andy Jackson's wording let them now enforce that ruling).  Florida law enforcement will of course not enforce it, and for any Federal law enforcement you would need to refer to Item the First and Item the Second.

Next step, look at how many illegal aliens are apprehended in Florida and then released: these all need to be bussed to Washington D.C.

The Next, Next step is to look at all Federal property in Florida and seize sufficient property to compensate the citizens of the State against Federal impositions.  

This is a dance that can play out over years, to the detriment of the Democrats.


Matthew W said...

Id sign that one !!!!

Divemedic said...

That may in fact result in a Fort Sumter moment.

Ed Bonderenka said...

This rings a bell. I think something was tried along these lines elsewhere a while back.

DTWND said...

Lemme see if I got this right.

2016 - classified documents on a private email server = Lock Her Up!

2022 - classified documents stored in a private residence = Witch Hunt!

And let’s not forget, the FBI director is a Trump appointee, as is the federal judge that signed off on the warrant. But they’re obviously corrupted by the “Deep State”, whatever that is, right?

Just wanted to be sure I’m on the same page as you.


Mike said...

Physical documents stored in accordance with the rules for their classification level (note the safe) are a very different matter from classified information stored on an insecure email server, which most definitely did violate the rules for classified documents. If Trump didn't store the documents securely, that is a different matter, but given the repeated malfeasance of the justice department I would seriously question any evidence or testimony presented to that effect. It's sad to say that they have almost no credibility at this point.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You are conflating a president wannabe with no authority to declassify with an actual president that had the authority.
What page are you on?

Aesop said...


The internet moves pretty fast. Try and keep up.

See if you can tell the difference between a SecState whose bathroom server, and subsequent destruction of evidence violated 30,000+ counts of black-letter federal felony laws, and storage and/or retention of physical documents by a President with the absolute authority to declassify such documents at whim, ex oficio.

One of these things is not like the other.

MSG Grumpy said...

If you will remember the Left swore that if President Trump was elected in 2016 we would have Jack-Booted thugs breaking down doors and attacking anyone who dared disagree with him politically.
Who knew they were right...their timing was just a little off.

It is the soldier who hates war the most,
Because he has seen it up close and personal.
We do NOT want War..
We are begging with tears in our eyes - "Don't do this"
But if it Must be done, let it happen NOW,
so that my children can live in Freedom and Peace.

ALL Enemies foreign and Domestic - My Oath has NO expiration date.

MSG Grumpy

blogger said...

DTWND, it seems that you have put your trust in the wrong people:

1. Hillary is pimping swag about her emails.

2. Trump's former staff says that he ordered that the documents were to be declassified but they didn't do it.

3. As to the Deep State, see item #2, above. The fact that Trump appointed Wray to lead the FBI just shows how deep the Swamp truly is. My opinion is that the Deep State is paniced right now, believing that if Trump gets elected he will eliminate entire agencies (e.g. FBI).

All this has come out less than 24 hours after the raid. The Democratic Party talking points that you so snarkily parroted had a very short shelf life. Like I said, you trust the wrong people.

- Borepatch

McChuck said...

Item the Third: All property leased by the federal government, as well as all property owned or leased by agents, officers, or employees of the federal government, shall be subject to a special property tax of ten times the prevailing rate.

Gerry said...

I'm pretty sure the federal government's supremacy wins the court battle on this one even if they can't compel the state to play nice.
Typically the feds just withhold funding for the state agency they are in conflict with. Most states can't afford the budget cuts for too long.

Goober said...


What if I think that both are bad, but that only one has been proven yet?

What if I think that if the first one resulted in no prosecution, whatsoever, but the second one does, that that shows bias in what is supposed to be an unbiased law enforcement organization?

Even you, as biased as you obviously are, can't make a coherent argument that this is being handled the same way that the Hillary thing was handled. Where were the FBI raids on Hillary's private residence? Where was the punishment for her bleach bit of the entire server to destroy evidence?

You're kind of hoist by your own petard, here, because all I'm asking for is equal treatment under the law. If it's OK for Hillary, then it's ok for Trump.

Personally, I think it shouldn't be OK for anyone to break this law. I think Hillary should have been charged, and think Trump should be, too, if (and that's a BIG if) they can actually find anything that he actually did wrong. But Hillary wasn't charged, was she. So if that's going to be the thing, then charging Trump here looks for all the world like a double standard and a biased agency.

Tell me how you think that's wrong.

Landroll said...

To Goober: Do you really think the FBIes would miss a chance to salt some terrible data into the files they took out of Trump's place without a proper accounting. Good luck with that. After all they have a sterling reputation to uphold.

Goober said...

Landroll - I really don't know anymore. Federal law enforcement lost my respect a long time ago, when they started shooting innocent women holding infants and burning down buildings full of kids, so I don't trust them any further than I can throw them.

I suppose I'll wait and see what ends up happening. I have a feeling that they're going to claim it's a "treasure trove" of crimes, and any Trump-adjacent politician will be slandered throughout the mid-terms, and then it will be sort of forgotten about, like the much-vaunted Mueller report. I doubt they're going to just flat out railroad an ex=President, but I've been surprised by these jackasses before.

So, my suspicion is that this will fizzle just like the "muh Russia" bullshit fizzled, and nothing will stick, but the point is the accusation and the process, not the punishment, anyway.

Old NFO said...

Concur with all!

Avraham said...

it is a point that federal government has only certain powers that are specific.

DTWND said...

I'll answer all your questions just like your beloved cult leader, I plead the fifth amendment.



Ken said...
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Glen Filthie said...

Think I might disagree with you BP.

You don't try to reason or reach a consensus with a dog that has rabies. You shoot it.

Any agreement you come to with those guys won't be worth the paper its printed on. They should be arrested, disarmed and investigated. Keep the ones that have exemplary records, dismiss those that do not, and punish the ones that violated their oaths and duties.

Will said...


"...beloved cult leader..."

Is this how you see him? Odd. The important point was that he is a businessman, NOT a professional politician. THAT fact is what really set him apart from the clowns in DC. He worked with politicians, so he is very familiar with how they think, but they only know how to deal with their own class type. Unfortunately, he was not aware of how widespread the rot was in that town. The clown class are petrified that his second term could be the end of them, so they seem to have hit panic mode. Time will tell.

The guy isn't perfect, not by a long shot, but he is much better than anyone else that has run for that chair in a long time. Big question is whether he has learned his lesson about hiring quality people, and managing them better.