Monday, November 9, 2020

Trump's plan to win?

 This is really interesting.  Don Surber speculates on what may be Trump's game plan:

1. Sue in States where there is clear fraud.  Ask the Supreme Court to invalidate that States electoral votes.

2. Without Pennsylvania and Michigan (invalidated by SCOTUS), Biden cannot get 270 Electoral Votes, so there is no winner.

3. Per the US Constitution, the House of Representatives votes to determine the winner.  Now this would seem to be an advantage for Biden since the Democrats have a majority in the House, but the Constitution specifies how the voting takes place: each State gets ONE vote.

4. Trump looks like he has a majority of States, and so he would be declared the victor.

It's VERY interesting.  Recommended.


ASM826 said...

It would be a Pyrrhic victory. The Republic would not survive.

A Reader said...

I would say the same thing about a Biden "victory." Larry Correia was right. Whatever happens now, half the country is going to feel their votes don't count after this.

Grey said...

The Republic has been dying for more than a century. It was sick for a time, but was fatally poisoned in 1913. It's time to let it die so it can rise anew from the ashes.

In this case, defeat means utter destruction, so Pyrrhic victory is victory all the same.

Richard said...

The magic number isn't 270, it is a majority of electors appointed. So if PA and MI are prevented from appointing electors the number becomes 252. Without MI and PA, Biden has 243. He can get to 252 with GA, NC, or AZ. If Trump wins all of those, he wins. I am not seeing a count where it goes to the House. Toss in WI, NV, AZ, NC, GA as states that can be be prevented from appointing electors, you can get a scenario that goes to the House. There has been internet chatter about Pelosi using her majority to prevent seating some of the Reps which can distort what happens in the House.

More likely, I think is that some states appoint 2 sets of electors and you have 1876. I don't know how you get an 1876 commission today so it could just freeze up and go to the House then.

BigCountryExpat said...

Either way, it'll be blood
Lots of it...

Old NFO said...

Ugly doesn't begin to describe the situation...

Gorges Smythe said...

So much could be said, but what is the point?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Richard beat me too it.

Pete said...

Uh, no. It's over. Biden won, Trump lost. Time to accept it and move on.

danielbarger said...

Trump's path to victory is predicated on being able to prevail in court.
It is VERY unlikely that he's going to get all those invalid votes tossed.
The GOP in Nevada filed suit to have a large number of obviously invalid
ballots tossed. The District Court judge....a San FranFreakShow native and an Obama appointee summarily dismissed the suit. Expect THAT to be the actual outcome for Trumps lawsuits. The results of this election rise and fall on the whims of black robed pirates. Consider the number of judges appointed since 1992....only those appointed by Trump are likely to rule on the merits of the case. The rest of those judges are political apparatchiks.....facts won't matter to them. And since both the DNC AND the GOP hate Trump he's going to learn that finding an honest judge is damn near impossible.

McChuck said...

@Pete -
No. Trump won the vote. Biden is winning the cheat. Do you want a civil war? Because this is how you get a civil war.

Aesop said...

Counting votes is not my problem.
Nor tallying electors.
Neither is counting noses at SCOTUS.

I'm counting bullets.
Cans of food.
Boxes of medical supplies.
Bags of specie.
And so on.

I voted at the polling place.
That was over more than a week ago.

If I have to ratify my vote, it will likely be from behind sandbags, or from rooftops.

Hoping realy hard not to have to, but I've watched this bunch of unreformed @$$clowns we call a government my entire adult life, and they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and the only thing they fail at, at a perfect flawless 100% rate, is to not f##k things up worse after they get into it than it was before they finger-banged it.

At the moment, I'm Errol Flynn throwing the dead deer on Prince Biden's feasting table at Nottingham Castle.

How the rest of the dinner conversation goes remains to be seen.

Know this well: if you didn't vote for the Hidin'/Kneepads ticket, you've already been sized for your coffin long ago.

So I ask you, does it really make a helluva lot of difference if you end up on a wanted poster between now and the time they slip you into it?

Or, as my older brother's generation put it, from various enclaves outside Danang:

"Or what?!? You're going to shave my head and ship me to 'Nam???"