Sunday, November 1, 2020

Frankiskos Leontaritis - Kyrie

 A lot of people are worried about the election.  They shouldn't be.  Donald Trump will easily win, and why I haven't bothered to think much about the Senate and House races, he will have coattails as Republican turnout breaks records.  So if you want Trump to win, relax - it's in the bag.  If you want Trump to lose, relax - it's coming, and even an Act Of God wouldn't stop it.

So here's some relaxing music.  Frankiskos Leontaritis was born this day in 1518 on the island of Crete.  Recently part of the Byzantine Roman Empire, it had been taken over by Venice.  Leontaritis had many connections in Venice, and ended up moving there, and later to Rome, where he was known as "Il Greco" (The Greek) - not to be confused with the Spanish painter of the same era, El Greco ("The Greek") who as it turns out was from the same city (Heraklion/Candia) in Crete.

He composed many masses and other choral works, and is considered the father of Greek classical music.  It is very relaxing, so enjoy.


libertyman said...

Very nice, and of course, I have never heard of the guy.

I hope you are right about the election. While I see a couple of yard signs for Biden in Hollis, NH I don't see a parade of pickup trucks waving Biden flags as I did yesterday for Trump.

LSP said...


Now, imagine even half that level of polyphany/plainsong in a couple of rural country missions in Texas. I tell you, people would be amazed and TRAVEL to it.

I think, after a decade++, that I have the singers. Let's see.